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Everything is "relationship" or "connection"

         Everything, ranging from a wide universe to human activities on earth, consists of “relationships.”

         Just like the Earth revolves around the sun regularly, and the moon revolves around the Earth. Those relationships give birth to our daily living, the morning and the night.

         With the relationships of Mother Nature as an axis, our lives revolve in the webs of various relationships in our societies, among humans. The body of a human is not governed by us “human beings.” The human body lives to function as a life form. Within it each organ is in relationship with all the other organs. It also is interacting with the environment it lives in. Such crucial “relationships” are not directly visible to the eye.

         However, when an earthquake occurs in South America, which is far from Japan, after a certain time, tsunami comes to the shore of Japan as a result of the earthquake. That is one of the relationships indicated above. The ocean in between connects two distant places. They are really connected to one another.

         A part of “expression” is to show such invisible “relationships.” A performer’s relationships with co-performers, with the audience, with the space, and the relationship between ISHIKI (consciousness) and the body. When those relationships become “visible,” just like two distant places being connected by the ocean, just like two objects being pulled by an attractive force, they look connected by something. It creates a certain kind of world.

         It is like the world of a mother and a baby, or a parent and a child, be it human beings or other animals. The connection is crystal clear. The connection fills the heart and soul.


        That is “love.”


        It is not hard to imagine how rich performing arts would become if the performer and the audience could share that connection.


       “RealContact” is such an element of expression I wish for every performer to embody.


Akira Hino

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