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Akira Hino


Born in Osaka, Japan in 1948. Mr. Hino is not only a renowned master of Japanese Budo (martial arts) but also a director, movement coach, teacher, choreographer, professional jazz drummer and author.


His incredible physical ability was initially realized when he became a self-taught gymnast in junior high school. He was soon selected as one of the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers for the intensive training camp.


During 70s and 80s, as a professional drummer of free jazz, he performed with many acclaimed musicians such as Kaoru Abe. He also collaborated with artists and groups from different genres including Gekidan Ishinha (theatre), Min Tanaka (dance), and Gōzō Yoshimasu (poetry).


When he turned 30, he founded the Hino Budo Institute in Kumano, Wakayama. He formed the basis of “Hino Method” through his rigorous training there. It aimed for the highly efficient way of using the body without relying on the muscle power and developing kinesthetic intelligence.


Mr. Hino and his unique method have been featured in both national and international mass media numerous times. His theory of the human body has been resonating with people from all walks of life, including martial artists, athletes, dancers, actors, doctors, teachers, therapists, scientists, etc.


Since 2005, he has been almost yearly invited by William Forsythe to teach the members of the Forsythe Company in Frankfurt, Germany.  (His interaction with the Forsythe Company was documented and published as a book titled “William Forsythe Meets Martial Artist Akira Hino” in 2005 by Hakusuisha.) He has also given many workshops and seminars in Japan, Europe, and North America.


Because of his expertise and diverse experiences, Mr. Hino has been an influential figure to many of the acclaimed performing artists in Japan, including Hideki Noda. He gave a workshop for Noda’s production “Rope” in 2007.


As a director, he has made numerous dance and theatre pieces with some of the finest performers in Japan and abroad. His workshop/performing arts project to create professional-level, high-quality performances titled “RealContact” has been active since 2008.

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