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Hideyuki Hiraoka (Actor)


For stage actors, a high ability to communicate is such a necessity that I could say, “acting training is communication training.”
It is because “drama” is born when each actor is relating to his/her acting partner, to scenic devices, or to the present situation he/she is in.

The deeper the actor’s relating, the deeper the “drama” becomes.  

A drama is a fiction, an artificial creation. 
That is why a deeper relationship is necessary—- because actors must give birth to truth in a fictional world.


It is utter boredom to see a drama where actors indulge in their belief that they are creating something remarkable while not relating to anything or anyone in the space.  I should say that that is not a drama anymore. It’s just actors’ reviewing what they had decided to do.   

A real drama is to generate something out of a relationship.
Acting is a technique to do so. 
It is not a superficial relationship where actors presume what it is.
Such actors’ presumptions only lead to a dead end on the stage.  

“RealContact” contains the essence of the drama: “something is born in a relationship with the other,” which we theatre artists should pursue.

Every theatre artist needs RealContact.




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